"Watch Out! Top 5 Most Dangerous Asteroids Approaching Earth"


This asteroid gained notoriety for its close approach in 2029 and potential impact risk in 2068.


NASA's OSIRIS-REx mission studied this asteroid, revealing its hazardous potential due to its size and orbit.

99942 Apophis

Previously thought to have a high probability of impact, further observations ruled out a collision, but its trajectory remains closely monitored.

(29075) 1950 DA

This large asteroid has a slim chance of colliding with Earth in the distant future, highlighting the importance of long-term monitoring.

2009 FD

In 2009, this asteroid passed within the lunar distance of Earth, underscoring the unpredictability of near-Earth objects.

(52768) 1998 OR2

Despite being one of the largest known potentially hazardous asteroids, it poses no immediate threat.

2014 JO25

This peanut-shaped asteroid passed by Earth in 2017, offering astronomers valuable insights into its composition and structure.

(144898) 2004 VD17

While not an immediate threat, this asteroid has a small chance of impacting Earth in the distant future.

(101955) Bennu

NASA's spacecraft is studying this asteroid up close to better understand its composition and potential impact risks.

2004 MN4

Initially thought to have a significant chance of impact in 2029, further observations ruled out this possibility, but the asteroid continues to be monitored for future encounters.