Top 10 Russian Dog Breeds You Need to Know About


Explore the fascinating world of Russian dog breeds with our curated list of the top 10 breeds you need to know about. From loyal.

Siberian Husky

Meet the Siberian Husky, renowned for its endurance, intelligence, and striking appearance. Originally bred by the Chukchi.

Russian Bear Dog

Discover the Russian Bear Dog, also known as the Caucasian Shepherd, prized for its imposing stature, unwavering loyalty.


Experience the elegance of the Borzoi, a Russian sighthound known for its grace, speed, and aristocratic appearance.


Encounter the cheerful Samoyed, famed for its fluffy white coat, perpetual smile, and gentle disposition. Bred by the Samoyedic.

Russian Toy Terrier

Meet the diminutive Russian Toy Terrier, a lively and affectionate breed cherished for its compact size, playful demeanor.

Black Russian

Learn about the Black Russian Terrier, bred by the Soviet Union for military and police work. With its robust build, keen intelligence.

West Siberian Laika

Discover the West Siberian Laika, a versatile hunting dog known for its keen senses, endurance, and adaptability to harsh climates.

Russian Spaniel

Encounter the Russian Spaniel, a versatile gundog prized for its agility, trainability, and boundless enthusiasm for hunting.

Moscow Watchdog

Meet the Moscow Watchdog, a gentle giant bred for guarding properties and providing companionship. With its imposing size.