Top 10 Most Interesting Asteroids in Our Solar System


It has a rocky core surrounded by an icy mantle, potentially harboring subsurface water and even simple organic molecules, raising questions about its potential for life.


It has a complex geological history, including evidence of volcanic activity and differentiation, making it a target of interest for planetary scientists.


Its composition, primarily consisting of iron and nickel, could provide valuable insights into the early solar system's formation.


aiming to collect a sample and return it to Earth. It's a carbonaceous asteroid with a high potential for organic molecules, shedding light on the origins of life.


offering clues about the violent collisions that shaped the early solar system. Its dark, primitive surface suggests a composition rich in carbonaceous materials.


Eros is an elongated asteroid and was the first to be orbited and landed upon by a spacecraft, NEAR Shoemaker. Its close study provided valuable data on asteroid composition and structure.


Galileo. Its irregular shape and impact craters offer insights into the dynamics of asteroid formation and evolution.


Ida gained fame for its moon, Dactyl, the first confirmed natural satellite of an asteroid. It's a member of the Koronis family and likely originated from the breakup of a larger parent body.


valleys, and ridges. It was visited by the Rosetta spacecraft on its way to rendezvous with Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko.