The Ultimate Guide to Low-Sugar Food

New York City, USA

The Big Apple is renowned for its culinary scene, including some of the most delicious and innovative burgers. From classic diners to high-end restaurants, NYC offers a burger for every taste.

Los Angeles

In LA, burgers get a creative twist with fresh, local ingredients and unique flavor combinations. Food trucks and beachside shacks serve up must-try options.

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo surprises with its take on the American classic, blending traditional flavors with the burger format, resulting in unique creations found nowhere else.

London, UK

London's burger scene has exploded, with gastropubs and burger joints competing to create the city's best burger, incorporating British ingredients and flavors.


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Berlin, Germany

Berlin's diverse food scene includes fantastic burgers, with many places focusing on organic, locally sourced ingredients.

Paris, France

Parisian chefs have embraced the burger, adding French gastronomic excellence to this American staple.

Chicago, Illinois

Home to the iconic Chicago-style burger, this city offers a variety of burgers, from deep-dish pizza burgers to gourmet creations.