The Essential Toby Keith Albums Every Fan Should Own

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How Do You Like Me Now

This album marked a turning point, pushing boundaries with the sassy duet "How Do You Like Me Now?!" featuring Trisha Yearwood. It also featured the chart-topping hit "Country Boy.

Dream Walkin

Experimenting with a more introspective approach, this album showcased Keith's vulnerability with tracks like "Living in a Dream" and "Rock Me Baby." It also featured the patriotic anthem "The Price of Freedom.

Pull My Chain

Maintaining his momentum, this album offered a mix of party anthems and introspective ballads. Hits like "I Wanna Talk About Me" and "He Ain't Worth Missing You" kept him at the forefront of country music


Embracing a heavier rock sound, this album featured collaborations with Kid Rock and Merle Haggard. Tracks like "I Love This Bar" and "Whiskey Uprising" resonated with fans seeking a more energetic side of Keith.

Shock'n Y'all

Continuing his genre-bending exploration, this album featured the unexpected hit "I'm a Soldier," showcasing his versatility and ability to surprise his audience.

Honkytonk University

Returning to his honky-tonk roots, this album celebrated traditional country music with hits like "Whiskey Girl" and "Get Drunk and Be Somebody." It paid homage to his musical influences and resonated with fans seeking a classic sound.

Toby Keith

Kicking off his career with a bang, this self-titled debut established his signature sound – a blend of traditional country storytelling and rock-infused energy. Hits like "Should've Been a Cowboy" and "A Little Less Talk and a Lot More Action" catapulted him to stardom.


Delving deeper into his honky-tonk roots, this album showcased Keith's knack for relatable narratives. Tracks like "The Whiskey Ain't Workin'" and "Who's Your Daddy?" cemented his connection with working-class audiences.

Blue Moon

Expanding his musical palette, Keith incorporated bluesy influences into his sound while retaining his signature storytelling. Hits like "You Ain't Worth Missing" and "Me and My Cousin" solidified his commercial success.