Must-Watch BTS Performances That Showcase Their Incredible Talent

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Blood Sweat

BTS delivered a mesmerizing performance at the MAMA 2016 awards, showcasing their impeccable choreography and powerful vocals amidst intricate stage setups and visuals.

Fake Love

This performance stunned audiences worldwide with BTS's flawless synchronization, dynamic stage presence, and captivating storytelling through their dance moves.

Black Swan

BTS's hauntingly beautiful rendition of "Black Swan" on The Late Late Show highlighted their versatility as artists, combining emotional depth with intricate choreography.


Their high-energy performance of "Dope" at MAMA 2015 solidified BTS's reputation for flawless live performances, showcasing their infectious charisma and powerful stage presence.


BTS's explosive performance of "IDOL" at the Melon Music Awards 2018 demonstrated their ability to command the stage with confidence and energy, leaving a lasting impact on viewers.

Spring Day

With their emotionally charged rendition of "Spring Day," BTS captivated audiences with their raw vocals and heartfelt delivery, showcasing a different aspect of their artistry.

MIC Drop

BTS's electrifying performance of "MIC Drop" at the American Music Awards 2017 showcased their dynamic stage presence, impeccable choreography, and seamless rap verses.

Boy With Luv

Their performance of "Boy With Luv" on Saturday Night Live demonstrated BTS's ability to captivate a global audience with their charm, charisma, and infectious energy.


BTS's explosive performance of "Fire" at the 2016 MBC Music Festival showcased their powerful choreography, unmatched stage presence, and boundless energy.