Inside NASA: Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Life of an Astronaut

Astronaut Training

Delve into the rigorous training regimen astronauts undergo, including simulations, physical fitness routines, and survival skills development.

Mission Preparation

Explore the meticulous preparations astronauts undertake before their missions, from spacecraft familiarization to mission-specific training simulations.

Spacecraft Maintenance

Get an insider's view of the maintenance tasks astronauts perform on spacecraft, ensuring they remain in optimal condition for space travel.

Launch Day Preparations

Witness the adrenaline-filled moments leading up to a spacecraft launch as astronauts prepare mentally and physically for their journey into space.

Living in Space

Discover the challenges and rewards of life aboard the International Space Station (ISS), from adapting to microgravity to performing scientific experiments in a unique environment.


Experience the excitement and danger of spacewalks as astronauts venture outside the confines of the spacecraft to conduct repairs and maintenance tasks.

Scientific Research

Learn about the groundbreaking scientific research conducted by astronauts on the ISS, advancing our understanding of space, Earth, and human physiology.


Explore how astronauts communicate with mission control and stay connected with loved ones back on Earth during their time in space.

Return to Earth

Follow astronauts as they prepare for re-entry and landing, facing the challenges of readjusting to Earth's gravity after an extended period in space.

Life after Space

Gain insight into the experiences of astronauts post-mission, including debriefings, medical evaluations, and opportunities for public outreach and education.