Honky Tonk Harmony: The Unforgettable Hits of Toby Keith

Should've Been

Begin with the breakthrough hit, "Should've Been a Cowboy," a classic that propelled Toby Keith to country music stardom.

How Do You Like Me Now

Feel the swagger of "How Do You Like Me Now?!" as Toby Keith delivers a triumphant anthem of self-assurance and success.

Beer for My Horses

Savor the collaboration with Willie Nelson in "Beer for My Horses," blending Toby Keith's distinct style with a country legend.

Courtesy of the Red

Experience the patriotic fervor in "Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue," an anthem that resonated with audiences during challenging times.

Red Solo Cup

Raise a toast to the infectious fun of "Red Solo Cup," a party anthem that became a cultural sensation.

American Soldier

Honor the troops with "American Soldier," a heartfelt tribute showcasing Toby Keith's appreciation for the men and women in uniform.

I Love This Bar

Step into the honky-tonk with "I Love This Bar," a lively celebration of the joys found in a classic country establishment.

As Good as I Once Was

Reflect on life's experiences with "As Good as I Once Was," a poignant and humorous exploration of aging and resilience.

Whiskey Girl

Dance to the rhythmic charm of "Whiskey Girl," a toe-tapping track that encapsulates Toby Keith's signature honky-tonk sound.

Legacy of Hits

Conclude the journey through honky-tonk harmony by recognizing the enduring legacy of Toby Keith's unforgettable hits, a testament to his mastery of the country music genre.