Hazel Eyes? Here's How to Find Your Ideal Mascara Hue

Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes are a beautiful blend of various shades, including brown, green, and sometimes flecks of gold or amber. They're known for their versatility


While hazel eyes can vary in shade, they often have undertones of either green or brown. Understanding the dominant hue in your eyes can help you select


If your hazel eyes have more green undertones, opt for mascaras with warm tones such as brown or plum. These colors can enhance the green flecks in your eyes,

Choosing Brown

Brown mascara is a classic choice for hazel eyes, especially for those with warmer undertones. It adds definition without overpowering the natural beauty


Plum mascara is another excellent option for hazel eyes with green undertones. The rich, deep hue complements the green flecks in your eyes


If your hazel eyes lean more towards brown, consider mascaras with cooler tones such as deep blues or charcoal grays. These colors can help

Trying Navy

Navy mascara is a flattering choice for hazel eyes with brown undertones. The deep blue shade adds a subtle pop of color while still looking sophisticated and elegant.


Charcoal gray mascara is another versatile option for hazel eyes. It provides a softer alternative to black mascara while still defining your lashes beautifully.

Final Tips

Regardless of the mascara hue you choose, remember to consider your skin tone and personal style preferences. Don't be afraid to experiment with different