"From Trainees to Titans: The Remarkable Journey of BTS"

Humble Beginnings

BTS started as trainees at Big Hit Entertainment, facing rigorous training and challenges.

Dream Pursuers

Despite hardships, BTS remained dedicated to their passion for music, fueled by a shared dream of success.

Debut Struggles

BTS faced skepticism and criticism upon debut, but their perseverance and talent shone through.

Breakthrough Moment

The release of "I Need U" marked a turning point, propelling BTS into the spotlight.

Global Phenomenon

BTS's rise to fame transcended borders, captivating audiences worldwide with their music and message.

Chart-Topping Success

From music charts to social media, BTS dominated various platforms, solidifying their status as K-pop icons.

Cultural Ambassadors

BTS embraced their role as cultural ambassadors, spreading Korean culture and language worldwide.


BTS broke barriers in the music industry, challenging stereotypes and paving the way for future generations.

Army's Support

The unwavering support of their fanbase, ARMY, played a crucial role in BTS's journey to success

Legacy Builders

Today, BTS stands as more than just a boy band—they're pioneers who've left an indelible mark on music history.