Find Love Compatibility with Your Zodiac Sign


Aries, you're fiery and passionate, seeking adventure and spontaneity in love. Best matches include Leo and Sagittarius, who match your intensity.


Taurus, you're grounded and sensual, valuing stability and loyalty. Virgo and Capricorn make ideal partners, appreciating your steadfast nature.


Gemini, you're curious and adaptable, craving intellectual stimulation and variety. Libra and Aquarius complement your lively personality.


Cancer, you're nurturing and sensitive, prioritizing emotional connections and security. Scorpio and Pisces understand your deep emotions and provide unwavering support.


Leo, you're bold and charismatic, desiring admiration and passion. Aries and Sagittarius match your energy and share your zest for life.


Virgo, you're practical and analytical, seeking stability and compatibility. Taurus and Capricorn appreciate your attention to detail and commitment to improvement.


Libra, you're charming and diplomatic, valuing harmony and partnership. Gemini and Aquarius engage your intellect and share your love for balance.


Scorpio, you're intense and mysterious, craving depth and loyalty in relationships. Cancer and Pisces understand your complexities and provide unwavering support.


Sagittarius, you're adventurous and optimistic, seeking freedom and intellectual stimulation. Aries and Leo match your enthusiasm and share your thirst for adventure.