February Retrogrades: Planetary Movements Impacting Your Life

Terrain Map


Aries, be cautious in communication. Mercury retrograde may lead to misunderstandings. Double-check details and think before you speak.


Taurus, focus on financial matters. Venus retrograde prompts you to reevaluate investments. Avoid major financial decisions and reassess your budget.


Gemini, reflect on self-care. Mercury retrograde in your sign urges you to prioritize your well-being. Slow down and nurture your mental and physical health.


Cancer, revisit past projects. With Mars retrograde, assess your professional goals. It's a time for strategic planning and refining your career path.


Leo, focus on relationships. Venus retrograde may bring challenges in love. Reflect on partnerships, communicate openly, and strengthen emotional bonds.


Virgo, reassess routines. Mercury retrograde prompts you to refine daily habits. Reflect on productivity, organization, and overall well-being.


Libra, reflect on creativity. Venus retrograde encourages artistic introspection. Revisit creative projects and explore new avenues for self-expression.


Scorpio, revisit family matters. Mars retrograde urges you to address issues at home. Focus on resolving conflicts and creating a harmonious environment.


Sagittarius, be mindful of communication. Mercury retrograde may lead to misinterpretations. Clarify intentions and avoid unnecessary conflicts.


Capricorn, reassess finances. With Venus retrograde, review your budget and investments. Be cautious in money matters and avoid impulsive decisions.


Aquarius, focus on self-reflection. Mars retrograde encourages introspection. Take time for self-care, reassess personal goals, and nurture your well-being.


Pisces, revisit social connections. Mercury retrograde may impact friendships. Communicate openly, address misunderstandings, and strengthen bonds.