Fan Favorites: Top Toby Keith Songs as Voted by Fans


Topping the list, this debut single from 1993 heralds the nostalgia of the Old West, instantly capturing the hearts of country music lovers and securing Keith's place in country music history.

"Red Solo Cup

A more recent hit, this song became an anthem for party-goers and tailgaters, celebrated for its catchy tune and humorous ode to the iconic red plastic cup.

Courtesy of the Red,

This patriotic anthem, penned in the wake of 9/11, showcases Keith's ability to capture the national sentiment, earning both critical acclaim and fan adoration.

Beer For My Horses

A testament to Keith's collaborative genius, this song combines traditional country vibes with a modern twist, celebrated for its storytelling and memorable chorus.

I Love This Bar

- An ode to local watering holes and the characters within, this song highlights Keith's knack for capturing everyday life, making it a staple in his discography and a fan favorite.