Explore Toby Keith's Favorite Hobbies Beyond Music: From Golf to Fishing


Toby Keith as we explore his favorite hobbies beyond the stage, from swinging clubs on the golf course to casting lines while fishing in serene waters.

Golfing Enthusiast

When he's not strumming his guitar, Keith can often be found on the golf course, where he enjoys the challenge and camaraderie of the sport, honing his skills with each swing.

Fishing Adventures

the great outdoors, particularly when he's out on the water with a fishing rod in hand, reveling in the tranquility of nature and the thrill of reeling in the day's catch.

Sporting Events

An avid sports fan, Keith relishes the excitement of live sporting events, whether it's cheering on his favorite teams from the stands or hosting tailgate parties with friends and family.

Barbecue Master

Known for his love of good food and Southern hospitality, Keith enjoys firing up the grill and showcasing his culinary skills, treating loved ones to mouthwatering barbecue feasts.

Riding Horses

With a deep appreciation for the cowboy way of life, Keith embraces his roots by saddling up and hitting the trails on horseback, connecting with nature and reliving the spirit of the Old West.

Motorcycle Cruising

For a dose of adrenaline and freedom, Keith takes to the open road on his motorcycle, exploring scenic routes and experiencing the thrill of the ride firsthand.

Charity Work

In addition to his personal hobbies, Keith dedicates time to charitable endeavors, using his platform to give back to communities and causes that are close to his heart.


Keith takes advantage of opportunities to explore new destinations and cultures, fueling his sense of adventure and expanding his horizons beyond the confines of the stage.