Discover spacecraft missions aimed at studying asteroids up close, such as NASA's OSIRIS-REx and Japan's Hayabusa2.

OSIRIS-REx Mission

Delve into NASA's OSIRIS-REx mission, designed to study the near-Earth asteroid Bennu up close, collect samples, and return them to Earth for analysis.

Hayabusa2 Mission

Learn about Japan's Hayabusa2 spacecraft, which explored the asteroid Ryugu, collected samples, and successfully returned them to Earth, advancing our understanding of asteroids.

Asteroid Exploration

Explore the significance of spacecraft missions in studying asteroids, uncovering their composition, structure, and history, and providing valuable insights into the formation of our solar system.

Sample Collection 

Investigate the innovative techniques used by spacecraft like OSIRIS-REx and Hayabusa2 to collect samples from asteroids, including touch-and-go maneuvers and sample retrieval mechanisms.

Scientific Objectives

Understand the scientific objectives behind asteroid exploration missions, including studying the origins of the solar system, understanding planetary formation processes, and assessing potential resources.

Technology Innovations

Discover the technological innovations developed for asteroid exploration missions, such as high-resolution imaging systems, sample collection tools, and propulsion systems.


Highlight the importance of international collaboration in asteroid exploration, with space agencies worldwide contributing expertise, resources, and spacecraft to advance our understanding of these celestial bodies.

Sample Return

Learn about the challenges and significance of sample return missions, which bring pristine asteroid material back to Earth for analysis, unlocking secrets of the solar system's past.

Planetary Defense

Explore how insights gained from asteroid exploration missions contribute to planetary defense efforts, enhancing our ability to detect, track, and mitigate potential impact threats.

Future Missions

Look ahead to future asteroid exploration missions, such as NASA's Lucy and Psyche missions, and anticipate the exciting discoveries and advancements they will bring to our understanding of asteroids and the solar system.