Brown-Eyed Beauties: Top Mascara Shades Recommended by Makeup Artists

Rich Espresso

For a softer yet equally captivating look, opt for mascara in a rich espresso shade. This deep brown hue enhances the warmth of brown eyes


Charcoal gray mascara offers a sophisticated alternative to traditional black. It imparts a smoky allure to brown eyes, perfect for both daytime


Infused with hints of plum or burgundy, this mascara shade adds a touch of allure to brown eyes. It brings out the golden undertones often present in brown irises


For a unique twist, consider navy blue mascara. Its cool undertones beautifully complement warm brown eyes, making them appear brighter and more luminous.

Olive Green

Enhance the natural richness of brown eyes with a coat of olive green mascara. This unexpected choice adds depth and dimension, particularly for those with flecks


Infused with metallic pigments, bronze mascara adds a sun-kissed glow to brown eyes. It's an excellent option for achieving a radiant, summertime look.


Accentuate the golden flecks in brown eyes with mascara in a shimmering gold hue. This luxurious shade catches the light, imparting


Opt for a softer, more natural look with chocolate brown mascara. This warm, earthy shade enhances the depth of brown eyes without overpowering them.


With its reddish-brown undertones, mahogany mascara adds warmth and vibrancy to brown eyes. It's an excellent choice for those seeking a bold yet elegant look.